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mctglogosmWe have a wide and varied membership all working within the construction sector and operating in the wider West Midlands.

Each year we invite new members who are construction companies currently  registered with CITB to join us - if you would like to make an application then click here for a joining form.

First membership (Ends March each year) costs just £50 (this includes lunch at our quarterly meetings and all other member benefits). Thereafter subsequent annual membership currently stands at nominal £100 per annum.

Member benefits include:

  • Training advice and support
  • Cost effective (short duration) training courses 
  • Quarterly  meetings providing industry updates, topical speakers and a chance to meet, discuss and network
  • Pooling of training for convenience and reduce costs
  • Good networking opportunities
  • Regular training advisor communication
  • Industry updates
  • Local schools liaison to raise industry profile
  • Representation of members at industry forums
  • Representation at local careers events


  • CITB launched the Skills and Training Fund in 2016 to help Small and Micro businesses invest in their people. Since its launch, the fund has delivered over £20m of funding to 4500 employers who are developing the skills of their workforce and improving their businesses as a result. Ongoing conversations with industry has led CITB to broaden the scope of the Skills and Training fund, expand the Fund to medium sized businesses, and offer the opportunity for Training Groups to submit collaborative applications to the fund on behalf of members. The new funds will be launched on 1st April 2020.

  • CITB is expanding the scope of the fund to pay for a wider range of training and skills development activity, and to place more emphasis on innovation and Management & Leadership training.  The funds will support different forms of skills development (such as coaching or mentoring), and allow funding of training not currently covered by the CITB Grant Scheme (as long as projects meet certain requirements). This is alongside the continued support of grant-eligible construction sector training, with amounts of funding available still determined by staff numbers, and still paid in advance.
    For Small and Micro employers this will mean an opportunity to explore how skills and training can positively impact your business - be that the use of technology and associated skills, or simply new initiatives and practices not previously implemented. It is up to you to determine what you need; the Training Group and CITB are both here to support you. For Medium-sized businesses this means an entirely new way to fund the new initiatives your business needs, and the ability to support transformational Management & Leadership training - an evolution that is a direct response to feedback from stakeholders across industry.More information and fund guidelines are available on the CITB website. If you would like more information on how the Training Group is supporting members to be part of our collaborative application, please contact Debbie.

  • Contact: Debbie email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.