About Us

Who are we?
The Midlands Construction Training Group is a 'not for profit' organisation that provides support and training for Midlands based companies working within the construction industry. We are one of a large UK network of Independent Training Groups which are primarily funded by CITB.

Currently membership consists of construction companies based in the West Midlands that take training, health and safety seriously. Members represent the diverse nature of the industry and include large and small civil engineering contractors, general contractors and house builders. We also have health and safety consultants who are associate members of the Group.

What do we do?
Our core aim is to help members develop employees' training and qualifications and so improve the performance and productivity of their business. We achieve this in several ways:

Quarterly Meetings
We meet four times per year and hear topical speakers from organisations such as the HSE, CITB etc. The meetings provide a good forum to catch up and network with colleagues and keep right up to date with training, H & S developments and recommended Codes of Practice and regulations.
Training Courses
We pool training needs which allows us to run a schedule of training courses many of which are heavily subsidised. The Group is 'not for profit' so you can rest assured that you will get the best possible priced, quality provision.
Advice and Guidance
We employ a Training Advisor who is on hand to answer any training queries you may have. The Advisor will source any unusual or specific training that you might have and contact you regularly with industry training updates and useful information.
Our website has a mine of information and includes timely lists of discounted scheduled courses offered by the Group. You can also find links and signposts to relevant organisations.
Careers Development
We encourage young people to enter the industry by getting involved with career events, curriculum groups etc. Members are encouraged to get involved in these Career Events.

How are we organised?

Ron Pinfield picWe have three volunteer Officers in the form of a Chairman; James Rowe from CLM, Vice Chair Ron Pinfield from Currall, Lewis & Martin (pictured right) and our Treasurer; Brian Frost. The Officers make day to day decisions about the Group with more major decisions such as officer election going to the Group for vote. The Group also engages a Training Advisor to support members and take care of administration. All Group finances are transparent and members can receive a  breakdown of income and expenditure upon request.

How are we funded?
We are primarily funded by CITB. Each year we produce a Business Plan that sets out what we intend to achieve and submit to CITB.

How much does it cost to join?

We currently have membership open to CITB registered in scope companies only. New members first year free,  thereafter increases to £25 - this cost includes meetings, refreshments etc.

Join us..
If you're a CITB registered in scope construction company and want to benifit from all the Midlands Construction Training Group has to offer then email Debbie Westwood, our Training Advisor  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.